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venus in capricorn

Venus in Capricorn, collage by Emily

“If we can’t make the world more beautiful, it will become more terrifying.”
– Michael Meade, Holding the Thread of Life

On Saturday Venus shifted from fiery, expansive Sagittarius to earthy, pragmatic Capricorn. Venus in Capricorn, until December 20, asks: What in your life is worth committing to, with your time, energy and effort? What do you love and value enough to want to last? What are the relationships worth working for and working on?

Venus is in “mutual reception” with Saturn in Libra — each planet occupies a sign that the other rules (i.e., Saturn rules Capricorn, Venus rules Libra). Venus and Saturn are therefore energizing, supporting and strengthening each other’s influence, urging us to clarify our values and priorities, do the work to improve our significant relationships, and create practical systems and structures for bringing forth more beauty, pleasure and peace.

While in the early degrees of Capricorn, Venus joins the Grand Trine of Pluto, Jupiter and Mars. This alignment of planets in the Earth signs — the master manifestors of the zodiac — activates the focus, persistence, patience and determination to bring our desires into material form. Venus’s participation in the Trine for the next week reminds us of the importance of beauty, receptivity, support, pleasure, love and feminine wisdom as we work to transform the systems and structures of our lives and make lasting changes.

Venus’s trine to Jupiter in Taurus, exact on Sunday, helps to focus abundantly fertile energy towards what we want to create in the long term. Venus’s conjunction with Pluto, exact on December 1, puts our relationships and values through the crucible, purging what is stagnant, inauthentic and unsustainable. Venus-Pluto in Capricorn wants us to let go of what we don’t truly love, whatever is not both beautiful and practical. Venus trine Mars in Virgo, exact on December 5, facilitates cooperation between the feminine and masculine, supporting us in taking action to protect, support and defend what we love and value.

All this earthy Venusian goodness is happening in the midst of an intense Eclipse Season, as the energy builds toward the Gemini Lunar Eclipse on December 10. Getting lost in the swirl of fast-moving change, emotional drama and mental anxiety is a widely available trajectory. Intentionally slowing down the pace, unplugging from electronics and media, spending time in nature, and appreciating sensual pleasures are ways to tap into the power of the Earth Grand Trine and reconnect with the body’s wisdom.

– Emily Trinkaus


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