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Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius, collage by Emily

On Wednesday, Venus moved from Scorpio to Sagittarius — emerging from the depths of the Underworld, the Goddess now seeks adventure, freedom and expansion. Sagittarius the Archer wants to push boundaries and cross borders, take the leap of faith required to break into unfamiliar territory.

Venus in Sagittarius, until November 26, is especially potent because Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, is now in Venus-ruled Taurus. The “mutual reception” between Venus and Jupiter strengthens both planets and is reflected in the rising wave of feminine energy in the culture. Goddess Rising, The Art of Love, Beyond Mysticism… — lately my inbox has been inundated with enticing offers to explore and expand my Venusian consciousness.

Even the Occupy movement seems like less of a “protest” (which has its etymological roots in the masculine “testis“), and more about enacting the feminine principles of relatedness, collaboration, caring for and feeding one another. In a recent article on AlterNet Naomi Wolf writes:

“What is most profound about these protest movements is not their demands, but rather the nascent infrastructure of a common humanity…. People emerge, encounter one another face-to-face, and, in re-learning the habits of freedom, build new institutions, relationships and organizations. (We May Be Witnessing…)

Sagittarius/Jupiter rules speaking and standing in your truth — one of the exciting features of the Occupy movement as people access and assert their power and one of the great lessons for women during this time. Barbara Hand Clow writes: “Opening the throat chakra is a very tricky process. Patriarchal authority conspires to keep it blocked, since people with open throat chakras cannot be controlled.” (Liquid Light of Sex) While Venus is in Sagittarius, empowered by Jupiter in Taurus, we can expect many more women to take the risk of opening their throat chakras and stepping into their power.

Jupiter and Sagittarius rule belief systems, philosophy, religion — the story we tell ourselves about how the world works and what it all means. Pluto in Sagittarius (1995-2008) effectively killed the old stories, and the dominant religions — from which the Goddess was ruthlessly purged — continue to lose credibility and relevance. Venus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Taurus ignite a new, more expansive story of the Multiverse, one that includes and celebrates the feminine.

One of the most effective ways of controlling people is by limiting their imagination of what’s possible and shrinking their consciousness, disconnecting them from the truth of their own inner knowing. Jupiter has been Retrograde in Taurus since August 30 (until December 25), inviting us to reconnect with the truth of our senses, our bodies, our values, and the natural world. Venus in Sagittarius, traveling close together with Mercury — planet of connection and communication — now wants to expand and extend our capacity for bringing the wisdom of the feminine into the dominant culture.

– Emily Trinkaus


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venus in scorpio

Venus in Scorpio, collage by Emily

“Wherever there is an absence of power, spirit, or joy in a woman’s life, she has lost touch with her wild self. Each feminine loss is registered in the root of the female body, and to the body a woman must return in order to retrieve the full expression of her own wild feminine.” – Tami Kent, Wild Feminine

Venus in Scorpio: October 6 – November 2
Venus opposite Jupiter: October 14, 4:53pm PDT

Venus is now in Scorpio, the sign that rules both sexuality and power. Scorpio, associated with the realm of the Underworld, rules what’s taboo, hidden, mysterious, dark and sacred. Venus in Scorpio is the goddess empowered by the darkness and the mystery — the Sorceress, the Witch, the Dark Goddess and Crone. In traditional astrology — or what Caroline Casey calls “old-fogey astrology” — Venus is in her “detriment” in Scorpio, i.e., not in her happy place.

The Scorpio brand of power is not the “will it into being” kind of power — that would be Aries, the other sign ruled by Mars. Scorpio, a Water sign, is the feminine expression of Mars, and her power is the kind that comes through us when we relax our egos and surrender control — whether surrendering to a partner while making love or surrendering to invisible forces while making magic.

Surrender is not a terribly popular sport in Western culture. As Marion Woodman says, “The patriarchal world we’re living in is based on control” (Sitting by the Well). Surrender requires trust and vulnerability, and, to surrender consciously, to work with Scorpio energy in a positive and healing way, we need to honor and integrate the opposite sign, Taurus.

Today, Venus in Scorpio opposes Jupiter in Taurus, highlighting the Taurus-Scorpio polarity — grounding in the realm of tangible, physical matter, and surrendering to what’s invisible, hidden and mysterious; defining the boundaries of one’s own body and environment, and merging with another human or with invisible forces; creating comfort and stability, and letting it all go in order to generate passion and vitality; relying on one’s own resources, and merging resources with another to create something greater.

Taurus, an Earth sign, is one of the signs ruled by Venus (the other is Libra). Archetypally, matter — from the Latin “mater,” mother — is feminine, and this is Taurus — the energy of Gaia, the Earth Mother. Taurus rules values and worth, and the role of the feminine is to define what “matters,” while the role of the masculine is to protect and defend those values. (I’m talking here about the feminine and masculine within each of us, not about women and men.)

One of the big lessons of Taurus is self-worth — valuing your self — and how you take care of your body as a reflection of your self-worth. Collectively, how we take care of the Earth reflects how we value our home planet (not so much, apparently). In its higher expression, Taurus is the Earth Steward, and in its lower expression she’s the hyper-consumer and insatiable “land eater.” Derrick Jensen quotes Chiksika, a Native Shawnee, who said, “The whole white race is a monster who is always hungry and what it eats is land,” which pretty much sums up Western civilization (and shadow Taurus).

A lack of grounding, not feeling connected with and a part of the Earth, makes it easy to trash the wilderness. Plants and animals are no longer kin to humans — as in the indigenous phrase “all my relations” — but “resources” to be consumed and exploited.

The parts of the body ruled by Scorpio are the reproductive system and genitals. In my BodyTalk training, I learned that the genitals hold the consciousness of grounding, connection to the Earth (Taurus). One teacher told the story of a young boy who was in the habit of grabbing at other kids’ genitals. Understandably, his parents were concerned, worried that their son might be a budding pervert. As it turned out, what came up in the BodyTalk session, is that the boy was disconnected from the Earth element — he was grabbing onto other kids’ genitals in an attempt to ground himself.

Many if not most people in Western culture are not occupying their bodies, are not rooted to the planet. How many of them are energetically or physically grabbing at (or otherwise assaulting) other people’s genitals in an attempt to ground themselves, to reconnect with matter/mater/mother?

If we are not grounded in our own bodies and to the Earth, if we are lacking boundaries and a sense of self-worth, if we are not clear about our own values and priorities, if we are not taking care of our physical needs, then we are susceptible to these kinds of assaults and invasions. If we try to engage with Scorpionic forces — whether through sex or magic or sexual magic — without having a strong Taurus grounding, we open ourselves to the shadow expression of Scorpio — mistreatment, sexual abuse and other forms of sexual trauma, and energetic occupation by dark entities.

One of the most efficient ways to cut people off from their power is to sever them from their bodies, and especially from their sexuality. Most males in this culture, within a few days of entering the world, suffer sexual trauma in the form of circumcision, often without anesthesia. This practice always seemed to me, on an intuitive level, fucked-up, but I didn’t really get what was going on until I read about it in Dr. Christiane Northrup’s Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom. Yes, it’s a book about women’s health, but, in her discussion of women’s sexuality, she has this enlightening section on circumcision. She writes:

Routine male infant circumcision… is a form of massive, societal approved sexual abuse that removes a very important erotic tissue in men…. [C]ircumcision was introduced in English-speaking countries in the late 1800s to control or prevent masturbation, similar to the way that female circumcision was promoted and continues to be advocated in some Muslim and African countries to control women’s sexuality.”

How different would the world be if men weren’t welcomed to the planet by having the most sensitive and vulnerable part of their body cut away, effectively severing their grounding and feeling of safety on Earth? Of course I’m not arguing that circumcision is the only reason for sexual violence and the devastation of the planet, but how can it not be a contributing factor?

This is Venus in Scorpio territory, digging deep to get to the core of presenting symptoms, breaking taboos, and questioning the status quo — especially when it comes to sexuality. Willow of Willow’s Web, in an excellent post on Venus in Scorpio, writes: “With Venus in Scorpio… we have an access point where we can burn through artificial, socially conditioned ideas of what relationship is, what love is, what beauty is, what value is, what a healthy sexual relationship is” (Venus Enters Scorpio).

Jupiter is the principle of expansion, and Jupiter in Taurus amplifies our connection with sensory perception, with the wisdom of nature and our own bodies. Jupiter is now Retrograde (August 30 – December 25), a time to reconnect with our bodies and with the natural world, to reconsider how we care for our selves and our planet, to restore right relationship with the material world, with the feminine mater/matter.

As Venus opposes Jupiter, we have the potential for seeing more clearly how the Taurus/Scorpio dynamic plays out in our own lives, and for healing our sexuality and regenerating our vitality by entering more fully into our bodies and engaging with the natural world. What can you do to feel more rooted, to honor your body’s needs, to care for the plants and animals around you, to feel and take in the love that the Earth is offering to you in every moment?

– Emily Trinkaus

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