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venus transit

Venus-Sun Transit, collage by Emily

“The patriarchy is over, they no longer hold the field. It’s safe to step into our power.” – Lucia René

In the ongoing story of the reemergence of the Goddess, today marks a significant shift — a turning point in our personal and collective experience. Venus will make a rare alignment with the Sun, called the Transit of Venus, an event that will not be repeated until 2117.

When Venus travels close to the Sun (from our earthly perspective), she is invisible. This is the phase of her cycle when she is “in the Underworld,” regenerating her power by consorting with the Sun.

Today, as Venus conjoins with the Sun, she will appear as a dark disc tracing a path across the light. The light of consciousness infused with the feminine, the feminine empowered by the light. The false separation between body and spirit that is the foundational lie of the patriarchy is exposed, and a new perception — the light-infused body, spirit-infused Earth — awakens in the mind of the collective.

The hyper-yang, more-bigger-faster, invade-and-dominate paradigm has played itself out. On an energetic level, the patriarchy is over. To make the transition into a new paradigm of wholeness, our work is to reconfigure, rebalance and reintegrate masculine and feminine energies.

The Transit of Venus represents a significant acceleration of this process, reawakening the Solar Feminine — the feminine principles of love, compassion, beauty and cooperation illuminated by the fires of passion, creativity, courage and assertion. An expression of the feminine that has been off-limits to women under the patriarchy:

“When the Earth Grid was manipulated to exclude the Solar Feminine, humans forgot that women could be Powerful Creators. Their creative functions were limited to childbirth, and the Lunar Goddesses became the ‘mothers’ and the keepers of the Feminine Energy on Earth. As a result, … humans were conditioned to define the masculine and the feminine as oppositional, and to assign solar energy to the male and lunar energy to the female.” (Celia Fenn, Welcoming the Solar Feminine to Earth)

The reemergence of the Solar Feminine inspires increased creativity and freedom for both women and men, liberation from old dualistic prisons of perception. The Venus-Sun union occurs in Gemini the Twins, the sign of duality, and this transit is about healing the apparent polarities that have divided and conquered us for thousands of years — body and spirit, dark and light, feminine and masculine.

venus sun transit


Venus Transits occur in pairs, separated by 8 years. The previous one, on June 8, 2004, was an initiation into a phase of growth of feminine consciousness that’s now coming to completion. My sense is that the past 8 years have seen a huge upswing in women (and some men, but especially women), doing the important work of dismantling our inner patriarchy.

The feminine light that we’ve accessed and strengthened through therapy, workshops, teleclasses, self-help books, women’s groups, etc. wants to, and is ready to, break out into the culture in a much bigger and perhaps entirely new way. What is your unique expression of the feminine that you’ve been cultivating for the past 8 years? Do you have the courage to radiate your brilliance into a world desperately longing for your light?

– Emily Trinkaus

P.S. The ever-fabulous Eric Francis of Planet Waves has compiled a collection of articles on the Transit of Venus here, and Adam Gainsburg has an excellent and thorough essay on the Transit here.


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venus retrograde

Venus Retro in Gemini, collage by Emily

Love, eroticism, money, values, pleasure and worth are up for reevaluation and renegotiation. Venus turns Retrograde today, until June 27, and though we’ve been “in the shadow” since April 11 (see Reawakening the Goddess), now it’s time to dive in and deepen the process of healing and regenerating the feminine.

Venus stations — appears to stand still and change directions — at 23 degrees Gemini, almost exactly on my Ascendant, and I’ve been feeling her reversal very personally.

When a planet turns Retrograde, its function turns inward, and outer circumstances conspire to help us really get the message that we are the source of our own suffering, and our own healing. Venus Retro reveals ways that we look outside ourselves for love, validation and worth — which typically happen in the Venus-ruled arenas of relationship and money.

Venus Retro symptoms include feelings of being unworthy, unattractive and unlovable. Ouch. We can tap into the productive potential of this pain by being willing to withdraw our projections — i.e., stop blaming the people and circumstances around us — and go directly into the feelings.

The other night, in the throes of an acute Venus Retro attack, I fell into a deep well of pain (totally out of proportion to present events). I asked myself how old I was in that moment, and the answer was two — I had dropped into the age I was when my parents split up, and my relationship with my father had essentially ended. I accessed the physical pain of that separation, how it felt to that little being’s body to be suddenly separated from the nurturing touch of the first man in my life (hello, abandonment issues).

Venus Retro takes us back into the past, for the purpose of healing and resolution, so we can move forward more easily. This reminds me of the shamanic process of Soul Retrieval — a part of ourselves that was traumatized and left behind now wants to be reclaimed and brought into present time.

Gemini the Twins signifies duality, and Venus Retro in Gemini reveals the places where we lost a felt sense of oneness — both within ourselves and in relation to all beings — and split off into separation. In traditional astrology Gemini is ruled by Mercury, but I was pleased to learn that, at an esoteric level, Gemini is thought to be ruled by Venuswhose primary purpose is to unite all opposites in bonds of harmonious matrimony” (see Alan Oken’s Gemini – Sign of Duality and Path to Unity).

To get more insight into what this Venus Retro means for YOU, find the house or houses in your birth chart that contain 7 to 23 degrees of Gemini. The areas of life signified by that house (or houses) are where you are invited to:  revisit, resolve and heal old wounds of separation; rethink and realign with your values; strengthen self-love and self-worth; reawaken and restore beauty, pleasure, art and love.

– Emily Trinkaus

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venusToday Venus enters the “shadow” of her upcoming Retrograde — although Venus doesn’t actually reverse directions until May 15, we’re now under the influence. While Venus is Retrograde, until June 27, the Goddess in each of us and in the collective memosphere is up for reevaluation, reawakening and reconnection.

And, this Friday — the much maligned Friday the 13th — is actually a day for honoring and celebrating the Divine Feminine. Friday is Venus’s day (after Freya, the Norse incarnation of Venus), and the number 13 is sacred to the Goddess (because there are 13 lunar cycles in a year). In the pagan tradition, as I learned from Caroline Casey, Friday the 13th was devoted to making love all day. Other ways to honor Venus include making art, making beauty and making peace.

So this seems like an auspicious moment, after months of neglect, to re-launch my beloved Venus blog. Hi.

While Venus is Retrograde, all “RE-” words — reawaken, review, renew, revise, revisit, reclaim, reconnect… — apply to the Venus-ruled realms of love, beauty, art, pleasure, relationship, money, values and worth.  To get a feel for what we’re getting into here, you could look back at the previous Venus Retrograde — October 8 to November 18, 2010.

Venus Retrograde is typically a time for: reassessing and renegotiating relationships; resolving old issues with a current or former partner; and reconnecting with friends and lovers from the past. Venus teaches us about projection — she is the mirror that reflects your self back to yourself in the form of your partner, friend, enemy, boss, etc.

Ultimately, Venus is about self-love and self-worth, and Venus Retro will tend to reveal these unhealed parts of ourselves.

geminiAmplifying this theme, Venus is currently conjunct the South Node in Gemini, and squaring both Mars in Virgo and Neptune and Chiron in Pisces. The Venus-South Node conjunction supports healing and releasing old, self-sabotaging Venusian patterns that may include:  undervaluing yourself and your work; compromising your truth in order to please others and fit in; and sacrificing your integrity to earn money or others’ approval.

Venus’s square to Neptune and Chiron triggers the early childhood and/or past-life wounds that created these unconscious (until now!) patterns in the first place. The square to Mars can stir up anger about how we’ve felt victimized by these patterns in the past — and, ideally, inspire one small step we can take to reclaim our power in the present. We are advised to feel, express, and move through the feelings — particularly the grief (Neptune/Pisces) and anger (Mars) — but not to get stuck in self-pity, blame or despair.

The North Node in Sagittarius points to the best way forward — hold the vision for the future you want to create, stand in and speak your truth, and take the risk of moving toward happiness and freedom, trusting your instincts to guide you.

The highlight of this Venus Retrograde will be her rare eclipse of the Sun on June 5, signifying the reawakening of the Divine Feminine in the collective consciousness. I find the timing of this event intriguing, leading up to the first exact square between Uranus and Pluto on June 24, the planetary headline of 2012.

Venus Retro and the Venus-Sun transit remind us that it is essential to source ourselves in the feminine during these tumultuous, transformative times. If we pull off the miracle of rebirthing a sane new world as the old patriarchal order self-destructs, it will be through love, pleasure, beauty, art, compassion and connection.

– Emily Trinkaus

Portlandia friends – Please join me this Saturday, April 14, 6:30-8:30pm, at New Renaissance for my Venus Retro workshop Restoring Love and Pleasure. We’ll explore the above themes and much much more, including how Venus Retro will influence your personal birth chart. And – friends everywhere – I’ll be a guest on Human Spirit Radio on Friday, April 20, 2:00-3:00pm PDT, talking about Venus Retro, the Uranus-Pluto square and all sorts of exciting cosmic events. Please tune in!

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