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Venus conjunct the Great Attractor

Venus and the Great Attractor, collage by Emily

Venus and Mercury have been keeping close company for the past few weeks, and both moved into fiery Sagittarius on November 2. The Mercury-Venus conjunction wants to explore, expand and give voice to the feminine — the truth of our bodies, our feelings, our relationships.

As of Saturday, Mercury entered the “shadow” of his upcoming Retrograde — November 24 to December 13 — presenting clues as to what wants to be reviewed, reconsidered and reworked. Mercury-Venus points to relationships as key arenas for re-vision. In Sagittarius — the sign that rules faith, religion and belief systems — we’re ultimately reconciling our relationship with the goddess, our own inner divinity.

Venus and Mercury are now approaching the North Node, which signifies the evolutionary purpose of this time, offering guidance as to the best way to move forward. The North Node in Sagittarius supports trusting and acting on our intuition, aligning with our inner guidance, and opening to a higher vision and greater sense of possibility.

Exact on Sunday, Venus’s meet-up with the North Node is especially significant because it occurs at the degree of the Great Attractor (14 degrees Sagittarius). What is the Great Attractor? According to NASA, “The Great Attractor is a diffuse mass concentration fully 250 million light-years away, but so large it pulls our own Milky Way Galaxy and millions of others galaxies towards it.

great attractor

The Great Attractor

The Great Attractor takes the Venusian principle of attraction to a mind-bending extreme. It seems appropriate that the Great Attractor lives in Sagittarius — the purpose of this sign is to broaden our perspective, to take us outside our comfort zone of what’s known and familiar and into a much bigger world. Trying to contemplate the Great Attractor (my brain can barely wrap around the idea of a galaxy) is a very Sag kind of exercise.

Philip Sedgwick, who has done much work on the astrology of deep space, writes about the Great Attractor:

Symbolically we encounter irresistible drawing power, energetic inclusiveness that leaves no frequency left behind and the ability to see behind an object, presumably rendering full disclosure. Here we have cosmic transparency, irresistible insight and knowledge, and the exclusion of nothing. Finally, there is no longer any validity to the ‘only way’ or ‘one way’ proclamations. Within ingenuity, insight and energetic alertness, option-oriented reality prevails.” (No More One Way)

Shadow Sagittarius looks like getting overly attached to one (i.e., our own) version of the Truth. At the extreme, it’s bigotry and fundamentalism, seeing the world in indelible, irreconcilable polarities — black/white, good/evil, etc. Perhaps this alignment of planets with the Great Attractor opens the potential for our perception to expand beyond duality, to a place where we can stand in our truth without rejecting or denying the validity of other truths.

Sedgwick’s take on the North Node’s conjunction with the Great Attractor is that it “refreshes life mission statements” (Stellar Insights) — which seems like a useful assignment for now (especially since “re-fresh” fits into the Mercury Retro “re-” theme). If we can trust our instincts and take a leap of faith, the “irresistible drawing power” of the GA pulls each of us toward our soul’s mission, our evolutionary potential.

As Venus approaches the North Node and Great Attractor, are we irresistibly drawn to expressing and expanding feminine consciousness? Are women increasingly speaking and standing in our truth? Are we freeing ourselves from old patriarchal perceptions, belief systems and stories that no longer serve us? Can we move into our soul’s mission from a place of love, receptivity and support, allowing ourselves to be pulled forward without needing to push, control, or manipulate?

– Emily Trinkaus


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Venus in Sagittarius

Venus in Sagittarius, collage by Emily

On Wednesday, Venus moved from Scorpio to Sagittarius — emerging from the depths of the Underworld, the Goddess now seeks adventure, freedom and expansion. Sagittarius the Archer wants to push boundaries and cross borders, take the leap of faith required to break into unfamiliar territory.

Venus in Sagittarius, until November 26, is especially potent because Jupiter, ruler of Sagittarius, is now in Venus-ruled Taurus. The “mutual reception” between Venus and Jupiter strengthens both planets and is reflected in the rising wave of feminine energy in the culture. Goddess Rising, The Art of Love, Beyond Mysticism… — lately my inbox has been inundated with enticing offers to explore and expand my Venusian consciousness.

Even the Occupy movement seems like less of a “protest” (which has its etymological roots in the masculine “testis“), and more about enacting the feminine principles of relatedness, collaboration, caring for and feeding one another. In a recent article on AlterNet Naomi Wolf writes:

“What is most profound about these protest movements is not their demands, but rather the nascent infrastructure of a common humanity…. People emerge, encounter one another face-to-face, and, in re-learning the habits of freedom, build new institutions, relationships and organizations. (We May Be Witnessing…)

Sagittarius/Jupiter rules speaking and standing in your truth — one of the exciting features of the Occupy movement as people access and assert their power and one of the great lessons for women during this time. Barbara Hand Clow writes: “Opening the throat chakra is a very tricky process. Patriarchal authority conspires to keep it blocked, since people with open throat chakras cannot be controlled.” (Liquid Light of Sex) While Venus is in Sagittarius, empowered by Jupiter in Taurus, we can expect many more women to take the risk of opening their throat chakras and stepping into their power.

Jupiter and Sagittarius rule belief systems, philosophy, religion — the story we tell ourselves about how the world works and what it all means. Pluto in Sagittarius (1995-2008) effectively killed the old stories, and the dominant religions — from which the Goddess was ruthlessly purged — continue to lose credibility and relevance. Venus in Sagittarius and Jupiter in Taurus ignite a new, more expansive story of the Multiverse, one that includes and celebrates the feminine.

One of the most effective ways of controlling people is by limiting their imagination of what’s possible and shrinking their consciousness, disconnecting them from the truth of their own inner knowing. Jupiter has been Retrograde in Taurus since August 30 (until December 25), inviting us to reconnect with the truth of our senses, our bodies, our values, and the natural world. Venus in Sagittarius, traveling close together with Mercury — planet of connection and communication — now wants to expand and extend our capacity for bringing the wisdom of the feminine into the dominant culture.

– Emily Trinkaus

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